Prerequisite Policy

Some courses require that one or more prerequisites (i.e., other classes completed with certain grades, test scores, etc.) be successfully completed (or the classes in progress) before the student is allowed to register for the class.  The faculty members regard these prerequisites or their equivalent as a necessary foundation for student learning.  It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and meet any course prerequisite(s) prior to registration.

In situations where a course prerequisite(s) cannot be met, a student may request a prerequisite waiver (override) by contacting the program that offers the course.  The program must enter the override in the student information system in order for the student to be able to register for the class.

Students who were permitted to register for a future semester due to "in progress" coursework will be dropped from the classes for which they do not meet prerequisites if they do not successfully complete the course prerequisite(s) and if no prerequisite override exists in the student information system.