FREN-101. Beginning French I. 3 Hours.

Development of basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Cultural appreciation.

FREN-102. Beginning French II. 3 Hours.

Continuation of FREN-101.

FREN-201. Intermediate French I. 3 Hours.

Continuation of FREN-102.

FREN-202. Intermediate French II. 3 Hours.

FREN-210. Reading Modern French. 3 Hours.

Practice in reading modern texts of current interest and moderate difficulty.

FREN-220. French Conversation I. 3 Hours.

Development of oral-aural communication skills with emphasis on eveyday situations. Conducted in French.

FREN-221. French Grammar And Composition I. 3 Hours.

Overview of grammar with emphasis on writing skills.

FREN-230. French Phonetics. 3 Hours.

Presentation , classification and analysis of the sounds of the French language with special emphasis on techniques and drills leading to habits of correct pronunciation. Conducted in French.

FREN-251. French Conversation II. 3 Hours.

Continuation of FREN-220.

FREN-252. Grammar & Composition II. 3 Hours.

Continuation of FREN-221.

FREN-300. Introduction To French Civilization. 3 Hours.

FREN-312. French Conversation III. 3 Hours.

FREN-313. French Grammar And Stylistics. 3 Hours.

Indetification, analysis and use of French structure; extensive exercises in grammatical and logical analysis. Conducted in French.

FREN-315. Applied French Linguistics. 3 Hours.

A systematic comparison of French and English. Application of teching techniques related to modern theories of language learning. Required for secondary school teacher certification.

FREN-320. Introduction To French Literature. 3 Hours.

Outline of French literature; outstanding authors and their works from the Middle Ages to the present. Conducted in French.

FREN-350. Independent Study In French. 3 Hours.

Project or research on a special topic relevant to the studnet's degree program. The course will be designed in consultation with an instructor who will also supervise the students's work.

FREN-357. Contemporary French Society. 3 Hours.

The study and discussions of major debates in French society today. Topics explored may include: family, gender, the media, fashion, music, culinary arts, the education system, urban problems, social stratification, immigration, and French politics. Taught in French.

FREN-361. Advanced French Conversation. 3 Hours.

Development of communicative skills primarily in speaking and listening in French at the Advanced Level. This course may be repeated once.