PEMA-152. Judo And Self-Defense. 1 Hour.

Examination and practical application of judo and self-defense techniques. Special emphasis on proper training methods, physical conditioning, teaching techniques, and rules and regulations in contests.

PEMA-153. Foil Fencing. 1 Hour.

Instruction and drills in basic skills: footwork, lunge, simple and compound attacks, various defensive maneuvers, offensive and defensive strategies. Rules, judging and directing, bouts and tournaments.

PEMA-161. Badminton. 1 Hour.

Introduction to basic skills: clear shots, serves, drop shots, smashes, offensive and defensive strategies. Rules, singles and doubles; tournaments.

PEMA-162. Bowling. 1 Hour.

Theory and practices; rules, regulations, skill practice, tournament play and handicapping and coaching.

PEMA-163. Golf. 1 Hour.

Instruction designed for beginning and experienced golfers in proper use of woods; long, middle, and short iron shots; putting, and specialty shots. Etiquette and rules of golf; visitation to driving range and golf course.

PEMA-164. Archery. 1 Hour.

PEMA-165. Tennis. 1 Hour.

Instruction designed ofr the beginning player with major emphasis on the serve, forehand/backhand ground strokes. Additional instruction with the lob, volley and overhead. Singles/doubles play and strategies. Rules, tennis etiquette, and tournaments.

PEMA-166. Recreational Games. 1 Hour.

Choosing, teaching and organizing informal recreational activities, including non-traditional, creative activities, sedentary, competitive and cooperative play situations.

PEMA-167. Field Hockey. 1 Hour.

History, theory and practice, rues and regulations, skill practices, purchase and care of equipment, team organization, strategy, competition and safety measures.

PEMA-171. Softball. 1 Hour.

Emphasis on basic softball skills, team offensive and defensive strategies, rules, interpretations and umpiring mechanics with practical umpiring experience during games.

PEMA-172. Basketball. 1 Hour.

Review of skills with emphasis on team drills and team play. Thorough coverage of rules and mechanics of officiating. Practical use of officiating techniques during games. Team tournaments as well as a one-on-one tournament.

PEMA-173. Volleyball. 1 Hour.

Basic instruction in power volleyball skills; serving, passing, spiking. Offensive and defensive team play, rules strategies and tournaments.

PEMA-181. Advanced Swimming Techniques. 1 Hour.

Instruction in the basic strokes and in elementary diving front and back, safety skills in and near the water and activities to increase endurance and respond appropriately should injury occur.
Prerequisite: PESV-105 minimum grade of D.

PEMA-201. Racquetball. 2 Hours.

Introduction to basic and advanced skills: serves, kill shots, passing shots, ceiling shots; use of back wall and corners; offensive and defensive strategies; singles, doubles, cutthroat play; tournaments.

PEMA-203. Weight Training. 2 Hours.

Basic principles of weight training and its effects on the body; proper lifting and training technique, individualized programs for general fitness or athletics, isometrics and safety procedures.

PEMA-204. Weight Training - Variable Resistance Method. 2 Hours.

Variable resistance of weight training with instruction on structure and function of variable resistance machines. Training principles, safety procedures and techniques applied to individualized basic workout.

PEMA-205. High Intensity Weight Training. 2 Hours.

PEMA-250. Judo And Self Defense: Intermediate. 1 Hour.

Practical application of various intermediate judo and self-defense techniques, mat holds, escaped and chokes. Continued emphasis on proper training methods, physical conditioning, teaching techniques, and rules and regulations in contests.
Prerequisite: PEMA-152 minimum grade of D.

PEMA-252. Folk, Round And Square Dance. 1 Hour.

Development of knowledge and skill in folk, national and square dances, experience in square dance calling and methods of class organization and teaching.

PEMA-253. Social Dance And Latin American Rhythms. 1 Hour.

Practice in basic patterns and routines of ballroom dances, developing a finer sense of rhythm, greater adeptness, comprehension, and opportunity to design routines.

PEMA-265. Intermediate Tennis. 2 Hours.

Review of the forehand and backhand ground strokes, the flat serve, basic strategy, rules and etiquette. Introduction to intermediate skills such as the volley, the lob, drop shots, passing shots and the overhead. Additional emphasis on topspin ground strokes, advanced singles and doubles strategies and tournament play.
Prerequisite: PEMA-165 minimum grade of D.

PEMA-271. Track And Field. 1 Hour.

Theory and practice: terminology and fundamental skills of track and field events and cross-country, techniques of physical conditioning; safety measures.

PEMA-272. Intermediate Volleyball. 2 Hours.

Review of basic fundamentals, introduction of intermediate skills and progressions, officiating and tournaments, offensive and defensive strategies.
Prerequisite: PEMA-173 minimum grade of D.

PEMA-273. Flag Football. 1 Hour.

PEMA-276. Team Sports. 3 Hours.

Theory, skill and practice in common sports with emphasis on lea-up games and drills. Skill analysis, lessons and focused practice as well as team play tournaments and safety measures will be covered.

PEMA-277. Foundations Of Wrestling. 1 Hour.

History, skills, practice, strategy and safety practice; rules, regulations, contest, tournaments and safety measures will be covered.

PEMA-280. Basic Skin Diving. 1 Hour.

Introduction of the swimmer to underwater activity through the use of fins, mask and snorkel.
Prerequisite: PESV-105 minimum grade of D.

PEMA-282. Swimming Fitness. 2 Hours.

To introduce the swimmer to the process of physical conditioning through aquatics. To define and use the different training methods in conditioning swimmers (warm-ups, phrases, pacing, fatigue, and staleness). To practice different swim strokes and perfect techniques used in each. To help each swimmer set goals that can realistically achieved. To make each swimmer safer and more self reliant in and around water.
Prerequisite: PESV-105 minimum grade of D.

PEMA-283. Water Aerobics. 2 Hours.

Swimming is one of the best physical activities for people of all ages. Vigorous water activities can make a major contribution to the flexibility, strength and circulatory endurance of individuals.

PEMA-288. Flatwater Canoeing. 2 Hours.

Flatwater canoeing is a skill acquisition and teaching methodology course which covers flatwater canoeing techniques, safety, and technical knowledge.
Prerequisite: PESV-104 minimum grade of D.

PEMA-290. Kayaking And Decked Boat Paddling. 2 Hours.

Decked boat paddling is a skill acquisition and teaching methodology course which utilized kayaks and decked boats.
Prerequisites: PEMA-288 minimum grade of D and PESV-105 minimum grade of D.

PEMA-301. Projects In Physical Education. 2 Hours.

Organization and administration of special physical education projects; athletic days, tournaments, fun-nites, supervisory duties and responsibilites.

PEMA-332. Fundamentals Of Yoga Philosophy And Practice. 3 Hours.

Introduction to the philosophy and practice of yoga. The philosophical view will be based on Pantanjali's yoga system. In addition, proper breathing techniques, nutrition, positive thinking, relaxation, concentration and stress management will be covered.

PEMA-333. Advanced Application Of Yoga Philosophy And Practice. 3 Hours.

This course will emphasize advanced yoga philosophy and practices. In addition, advanced yoga philosphy and practices. In addition, advanced breathing techniques, relaxation poses, concetration and task performance functions of mind, physical health and stress mangement will be emphasized.

PEMA-350. Judo And Self Defense: Advanced. 1 Hour.

Advanced judo and self-defense techniques, their combinations, counters, defenses and escapes. Learning various stages of the nage-no-kata, and the katame-no-kats.
Prerequisite: PEMA-250 minimum grade of D.

PEMA-381. Water Safety Instructor. 2 Hours.

Work leading to certification by the American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor; review of life saving, swimming strokes, diving and stunts; emphasis on practical teaching experiences.

PEMA-382. Scuba. 2 Hours.

Development of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to participate safely in water activities using self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.
Prerequisite: PESV-106 minimum grade of D.

PEMA-383. Scuba: Open Water. 2 Hours.

Introduction to open water scuba diving, underwater skills, and safety procedures.
Prerequisite: PEMA-382 minimum grade of D.