Programs in Inner City Studies (lCSE) are offered at the Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies (CCICS), 700 East Oakwood Boulevard, 60653, in the heart of Chicago's historic Bronzeville community. The scholar/ activist thrust is the overriding entity that drives the community and academic programming of the ICSE programs of the Carruthers Center.

The Programs in Inner City Studies, through the Goodwin College of Education, offer the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Inner City Studies
  • Master of Arts in Inner City Studies

In addition, the CCICS offers a Minor in Inner City Careers.

Master of Arts in Inner City Studies

The Inner City Studies graduate program places intense emphasis on the scholar/activist tradition in preparing those who work and live in the inner city to understand and act upon the interests of residents of the inner city and to participate in the richness, specifically, of the African American communities. The graduate program places in-depth examination and analysis of the multiplicity of research issues, problems, assumptions, and questions about inner city communities from an African-centered perspective. The approach and discipline encompasses a research methodology and world view which ultimately achieves different results when applied to present day inner city populations. The aim of this research approach is to forge new understandings of human relationships in inner city communities in the Chicago metropolitan area and worldwide. The graduate program seeks to prepare students to acquire employment in administrative, executive, and teaching positions in inner city educational, human, and social service agencies.

Specific Goals of the Master of Arts Degree in Inner City Studies

  1. Provide comprehensive in-depth examinations of the historical, political, economic, social, and cultural forces that impact the current trends and development of inner city communities worldwide.

  2. Provide comprehensive examinations of the theories, concepts, and philosophies related to the European worldview.

  3. Provide comprehensive examinations of the African-centered paradigm and its application for analyzing contemporary inner city communities and issues.

  4. Prepare candidates to demonstrate in writing and orally an in-depth understanding of inner city issues by developing a major research project.

  5. Prepare ICSE graduate students to pursue doctoral studies in related fields of the social sciences and education.

Additional Offerings at CCICS

CCICS offers, at its site, courses from the College of Arts and Sciences that fulfill the General Education Program Requirements. Additionally, courses in Justice Studies and Social Work are offered.

Graduate course in School Leadership with Principal Endorsement and other graduate courses from the Goodwin College of Education are also offered at CCICS on an occasional basis.

Community Affairs at CCICS

The program sponsors a variety of courses, workshops, and community activities for NEIU students and the inner city community. One program of special interest is the African and Caribbean Studies Program that provides students and the community with the opportunity to participate in study tours to Africa and the Caribbean.

Required Courses
ICSE-411Graduate Study In The Inner City3
ICSE-427AThe African American Community3
ICSE-442Research Methods In Inner City Studies3
ICSE-443Research Writing3
ICSE-452Field Internship3
ICSE-453Seminar In Field Internship3
Approved Electives including ICSE-454 Master's Project Research3
Other ICSE-400 level electives9
Total Hours30

This sample curricular map is provided to guide you in the planning of your progression for this major.  This guide should not replace regular consultations with your program advisor. For specific recommendations of courses not identified, please consult your program advisor.

First Year
Term 1Hours
Beginning in the FALL SEMESTER 
ICSE-411Graduate Study In The Inner City3
ICSE-442Research Methods In Inner City Studies3
One ICSE-400 Level Elective Course3
 Term Hours9
Term 2
ICSE-443Research Writing3
ICSE-427A (or ICSE 427E The Multi-Ethnic Society)The African American Community3
One ICSE-400 Level Elective Course3
 Term Hours9
Term 3
ICSE-452Field Internship3
ICSE-453Seminar In Field Internship3
One ICSE 400-level Elective Course3
 Term Hours9
Second Year
Term 1
ICSE-454Masters Project Research3
 Term Hours3
 Total Hours: 30