Sexual Harassment Policy

This policy has been revised and is now titled Sexual Misconduct Policy.

It is the policy of Northeastern Illinois University (Northeastern or the “University”) to maintain an academic and work environment free from sexual harassment for students, faculty, staff, and guests. Sexual harassment is contrary to the health and stability of the University community, diminishes individual dignity, impedes employment and educational opportunities, and prevents equal access to academic inquiry. Sexual harassment is a barrier to fulfilling the University’s educational, service and scholarly missions, and will not be tolerated at Northeastern Illinois University.

This policy furthers Northeastern’s commitment to providing campuses free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment. The purpose of this policy is to maintain an open learning and working environment free from sexual harassment and the fear that sexual harassment may occur.

To access the full policy, click on this link - Sexual Misconduct (formerly Sexual Harrassment)

To access the complaint form, click on this link - Complaint Form & Grievance Procedure

Students who believe that they have been subject to sexual harassment can seek resolution through the University’s Discrimination Grievance Procedure.  Information and consultation on these procedures are available through the Affirmative Action Office, C-628, (773) 442-5412.