EDFN-303. Early Childhood Development. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to help students study the growth and development of young children from birth through second grade, including physical, cognitive and social-emotional development. The course presents major theories, principles, concepts and research in child development and how to provide learning opportunities that support these areas of development. Students learn how early brain development is promoted through developmentally and culturally appropriate learning experiences, and discuss how children differ in their development and approaches to learning. The basic principles of health, nutrition, safety needs of children, trauma and resiliency are addressed. Students complete child observations at various developmental levels.
Prerequisite: EDFN-302 minimum grade of C.

Major in Middle Level Education


...Education Complete EDFN 305 and EDFN 319 with...literacy methods courses (ELED 303, MLED 306, MLED...

Major in Elementary Education


...GCoE Complete EDFN-305 and EDFN-306 with...B or better), ELED 303 and ELED 309...

9-12/K-12 Licensure Program


...SCED 303 series and SCED 304 series (or MUS-393L ): Concurrent registration in EDFN-307...