Enrollment Management Services

Janice Harring-Hendon, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Services
Maureen Amos, M.A., Director of Financial Aid
Thomas Bisogni, M.B.A., Transfer Center Director
LaMont Vaughn, B.S., Interim Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Michelle Morrow, Ed.D., Director of Scholarships
Steven Pajak, B.A., Associate Director for Admissions Review and Processing
Rene Quinonez, B.S., Associate Director of Student Information Systems
Daniel Weber, M.S.Ed., University Registrar
Robert Wiedmann, M.Ed., Coordinator of Graduate Recruitment

The Office of Enrollment Management Services provides assistance to new, current, and returning students with admissions, registration, financial aid, scholarship, student employment, and veterans benefits. The area strives to provide exceptional customer service to students, faculty, and staff.  We provide services to support all phases of the student's life cycle and contribute to the student's success.

Undergraduate Admissions (D-130)  
(773) 442-4050

Transfer Center (D-130)
(773) 442-4050

Graduate Admissions (D-101D)
(773) 442-6001

Veterans Services (D-130)
(773) 442-4050

Admissions Review and Processing (D-113)
(773) 442-4000

Financial Aid and Scholarships (D-200)
(773) 442-5000

Student Employment (D-012)
(773) 442-4695

Registration (D-101)
(773) 442-4040

Records - Undergraduate (D-101)
(773) 442-4060

Records - Graduate (D-101D)
(773) 442-6001