Filing for Undergraduate Graduation

Undergraduate students and second bachelor's degree students must submit an Application for Graduation and completed Academic Course Record forms for major and minor, if applicable, to Enrollment Management Services - Graduation Evaluation Office when the following have been completed:

  1. A minimum of 85 hours of credit has been earned.
  2. Student has been formally accepted by his/her major department and minor department (if applicable).

Undergraduate Graduation Application Filing Deadlines

Month of Anticipated Completion of Degree Requirements Filing Deadline
May 2017September 15
August 2017January 15
December 2017May 15

Each student anticipating graduation is totally responsible for filing the appropriate forms by the above deadlines.  A student who files the required forms but fails to complete all graduation requirements by the appropriate date will be dropped from the graduation list and must reapply for a later graduation date by completing a Change of Graduation Date form available in Enrollment Management Services.

Diplomas and final transcripts are not released to graduates until they have paid the graduation fee and all holds and/or indebtedness to the university have been resolved.

Commencement Ceremony Participation

Students who apply for December graduation are eligible to participate in the December commencement ceremony.  Students who apply for May graduation are eligible to participate in the May commencement ceremony.  Students who apply for August graduation are eligible to participate in the following December commencement ceremony.