The State of Illinois established the Board of Trustees for Northeastern Illinois University in January of 1996. The Board shall have all of the powers and duties specified in 110 ILCS §680/25-1, 1001 et seq.; 110 ILCS §615/14; and 110 ILCS §681/26-1, et seq. of the Illinois Revised Statutes. The Board consists of 9 Illinois residents appointed by the Governor and 1 student elected by the student body. 

The President of the University is accountable to the Northeastern Illinois University Board of Trustees for the administration of the institution and has full power and responsibilities within the framework of board policies for the organization, management, direction, and supervision of the University. 

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Wes Becton, Chair

George Vukotich, Vice Chair

Jim Palos, Secretary

Carlos M. Azcoitia

Bob Biggins

Sherry Eagle

Marvin Garcia

Jonathan J. Stein

Elena Molloy, Student Trustee