Illinois Articulation Initiative

 Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)

Northeastern is a participant in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), a statewide agreement that allows transfer of the completed Illinois General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) between participating institutions. Successful completion of the GECC at any participating college or university in Illinois assures transferring students that lower-division general education requirements for an associate or baccalaureate degree have been satisfied and allows students to transfer this portion of an associate or baccalaureate degree from one participating IAI institution to another without incurring a loss of credit. This agreement is in effect for students entering as a first time student in summer 1998 (and thereafter). For more information visit the IAI web site at

The Illinois Transferable GECC consists of 12 to 13 courses, or 37 to 41 hours of credit, within a five-category designation. The general requirements are as follows:

Communication 3 courses (9 credits)
Humanities and Fine Arts 3 courses (9 credits)
Mathematics 1 course (3 credits)
Physical and Life Sciences 2 courses (7 to 8 credits)
Social and Behavioral Sciences 3 courses (9 credits)

Illinois Articulation Initiative Course Requirements:

Communication (3 courses, 9 semester hours)
IAI Course No. NEIU Course No. NEIU Course Title Credit Hours
C1 900 ENGL-101 Writing I 3
C1 901R ENGL-102 Writing II 3
C2 900 CMTC-101 Public Speaking 3

A grade of C or better is required in C1 900, ENGL 101 or C1 901, ENGL 102.

Humanities and Fine Arts (3 courses, 9 semester hours)
IAI Course No. NEIU Course No. NEIU Course Title Credit Hours
F1 900 MUS-101 The Musical Experience 3
F1 906 DANC-101 The Dance Experience: Introduction To The Art Of Dance 3
F1 907 CMTT-130 Introduction to Theatre 3
F2 900 ART-101 Art In Society 3
F2 901 ART-106 Introduction To Art History I 3
H3 902 ENGL-202 The World Of Drama 3
H3 903 ENGL-201 The World Of Poetry 3
H3 905 ENGL-220 Introduction To Shakespeare 3
H3 912 ENGL-221 English Literature:The Beginnings To C. 1750 3
H3 913 ENGL-222 English Literature: C. 1750 To The Present 3
H3 914 ENGL-218 American Literature:Beginnings To 1865 3
H3 915 ENGL-219 American Literature:1865 To The Present 3
H4 900 PHIL-102 Introduction To Philosophy 3
H4 904 PHIL-213 Ethics 3
H4 905 PHIL-211 Philosophy Of Religion 3
H4 906 PHIL-101 Critical Thinking 3
HF 907D WGS-101 Women's Perspectives And Values 3

One Humanities and one Fine Arts course is required.

Mathematics (1 course, 3 semester hours)
IAI Course No. NEIU Course No. NEIU Course Title Credit Hours
MI 900-1 MATH-187 Calculus I 4
MI 900-2 MATH-202 Calculus II 4
MI 900-3 MATH-203 Calculus III 4
MI 905 MATH-251 Writing Intensive Program: Introduction To Advanced Mathematics 5
Physical and Life Sciences (2 courses, 7-8 semester hours)
IAI Course No. NEIU Course No. NEIU Course Title Credit Hours
P1 900L PHYS-110 Physics In Everyday Life 3
P1 902L CHEM-110 Chemical Concepts 3
P1 903 CHEM-103 Chemistry And Society 3
P1 905L ESCI-121 Introduction To Earth Science 3
P1 906 PHYS-103 The Universe:Past, Present And Future 3
P1 908 ESCI-123 Environmental Geology 3
L1 900L BIO-100 Introduction To Biology 3
L1 905 BIO-104 The Changing Natural Environment 3

One Life Science and one Physical Science course is required, one of which must be a lab.

Social and Behavioral Science (3 courses, 9 semester hours)
IAI Course No. NEIU Course No. NEIU Course Title Credit Hours
S1 901N ANTH-212 Introduction To Cultural Anthropology 2 3
S1 902 ANTH-215 Human Origins: Introduction To Biological Anthropology 3
S2 900 HIST-214 United States History 1607-1877 3
S2 901 HIST-215 United States History 1877-Present 3
S2 902 HIST-111A World History: The Origins Of The West, To 1500 3
S2 903 HIST-111B World History: The West And The World, 1500-Present 3
S2 906N HIST-111E World History: Africa 2 3
S2 908N HIST-111C World History: East Asia 2 3
S2 910N HIST-111D World History: Latin America 2 3
S3 901 ECON-215 Principles Of Macroeconomics 3
S3 902 ECON-217 Principles Of Microeconomics 3
S4 900N GES-104 World Geography 2 3
S5 900 PSCI-216 American National Government 3
S5 903 PSCI-210 Introduction To Political Science 3
S5 905 PSCI-251 Writing Intensive Program: Comparative Political Systems 3
S6 900 PSYC-100 Survey Of Psychology 3
S6 902 PSYC-110 Life Span Development 3
S6 903 PSYC-215 Child Psychology 3
S7 900 SOC-100 Introduction To Sociology 3
S7 902 SOC-214 Sociology Of Intimacy, Marriages And Families 3

Two disciplines must be represented from the following list: Anthropology (S1), History (S2), Economics (S3), Geography (S4), Political Science (S5), Psychology (S6), and Sociology (S7).


 Course examines aspects of human diversity within the United States.


 Course examines aspects of human diversity from a non-U.S./non-European perspective.

Those students who have not completed the entire General Education Core Curriculum prior to transferring to Northeastern will be required to complete Northeastern's General Education program. However approved IAI courses taken at participating schools will be used towards Northeastern's General Education program.

Students transferring to another institution, who have completed at least 37 semester hours, may request an audit, via the re-evaluation form request, of their records determine completion of the Illinois Transferable General Education Core Curriculum. If complete, the University will certify completion of the Illinois Transferable General Education Core requirements on the student's transcript.