Tuition and Fees

Tuition Guarantee Plan - Undergraduate Students

Beginning with the Fall 2004 semester, tuition for newly enrolled undergraduate students seeking their first bachelor’s degree is guaranteed for four consecutive years. The Tuition Guarantee Plan will help you and your family budget your educational expenses. The Tuition Guarantee Plan applies only to tuition. Fees may increase during the four years. See the current online Schedule of Classes for more information.

Extension to Tuition Guarantee Plan

Beginning in the Fall 2010 term, undergraduate students who previously qualified for the Tuition Guarantee Plan, as defined above, will now qualify for two additional years of guaranteed tuition. The tuition rate for the additional two years is equal to the amount charged to undergraduate students seeking their first Bachelor’s degree who initially enrolled in the academic year following the students with the additional tuition guarantee. For example, students who first enrolled in Fall 2007 had their tuition guaranteed at the same rate through Summer 2011, and now will have their tuition rate guaranteed for two additional consecutive academic years at the rate charged to students who first enrolled in Fall 2008.

Please note: Tuition and fees are assessed per credit hour up to a total of 16 credit hours.