Acct,Business Law and Finance (ABF)


ABF-350. Management Information Systems. 3 Hours.

This course centers on the use of computer based information systems (IS) to provide quality information upon which business decisions are made. The course presents the theory and practice involved with organization-wide usage of information technology (IT). The course also integrates the core business areas of management, marketing, finance, international activities, and ethics as they relate to information systems. Special attention is given to the tools available for providing decision makers with quality information and the implications of information systems for achieving a competitive advantage. Prereq.: Junior or Above.

ABF-403. Management Of Information Systems & Technology. 3 Hours.

ABF-403 Management of Information Systems and Technology, 3 cr. This course examines two major and related concepts: the management of information and the management of technology. Students investigate issues and approaches in managing the information system (IS) function and how the IS function supports and enables organizational capabilities and strategies. Principles underlying the acquisition, application, and management of technology are considered. Special attention is given to management information systems (MIS) and to information technology (IT) applications which support managerial decision-making and enhance organizational competitiveness. Relevant business cases are studied to reinforce conceptual learning.