Biology Education (BIOS)


BIOS-110. Introduction To Biology For Educators. 4 Hours.

Designed specifically for prospective elementary and middle grades teachers, this inquiry-based biology course meets current and relevant content standards in biology for educators as well as NEIU College of Education science course requirements. Prior knowledge in chemistry, physics, and mathematics is integrated. Content includes cell/molecular biology, evolution, genetics, organismal biology and bioengineering. During laboratory/field experiences, students will continue to develop proficiency with scientific methods, experimental design, data collection and analysis, and communication. Mathematical applications include statistics and algebra. For students in the Math and Science Concepts Minor program (MSTQE), content is linked and integrated with MATH-145. Prerequisite: MATH-149 or above, or ACT Math Score of 25 or higher, or NEIU MPT of 35 or higher.
Prerequisite: (MATH-149 - 499 or MATH-149A - 499Z or NEIU Math Placement Result 35 - 45 or ACT English 25 - 36 or Accuplacer College Level Math 031 - 120).
Corequisite: MATH-145.