Business Law (BLAW)


BLAW-109. First Year Experience: Professionalism, Ethics, Law & Chicago Scandals. 3 Hours.

This course examines the intersection between professionalism, ethics and law from a business perspective. We will look at these issues through the lens of major business-related Chicago scandals, predominantly non-political, and we will take multiple trips to visit some of the actors involved in these scandals, such as judges, lawyers and businessmen, who will further inform students about the importance of professionalism, ethics and compliance with laws. The topics covered in this course include defining professionalism, comparing professionalism to ethics, critically evaluating the differences and the importance of both, and discussing the legal process as it applies to white collar crimes.

BLAW-285. Legal Environment Of Business. 3 Hours.

This survey course traces the history and development of the legal environment of business. Topics include elements of the law and the judicial process, elements of traditional business law, and the government regulation of business. Prereq.: 30 credit hours of college work.

BLAW-310. Legal Issues In International Business Transactions. 3 Hours.

The study of laws, policies, and institutions associated with international business practice, including the international sale of goods, multimodal transportation and logistics, international and regional trade agreements, U.S. import/ export regulation, and transnational dispute resolution.
Requirement: Completion of all foundation courses required for COBM majors
Prerequisite: BLAW-285 with a minimum grade of C.

BLAW-380. Business Law I. 3 Hours.

The study of the law of contracts, including mutual assent, consideration, legality, capacity, statute of frauds, third parties, performance, breach, discharge, and remedies; UCC sales, including transfer of title, risk of loss, bulk sales, product liability and strict liability.
Prerequisite: BLAW-285 with a minimum grade of C.

BLAW-381. Business Law II. 3 Hours.

Continuation of BLAW-380 and covers: Agency, partnerships, corporations and UCC commercial paper. The rights and liabilities of corporate and partnership forms of business organization are covered. Negotiation, warranties, holder in due course, bank items are covered as part of UCC commercial paper.
Prerequisite: BLAW-285 with a minimum grade of C.

BLAW-383. Legal Aspects Of Entrepreneurship. 3 Hours.

This course offers a framework for understanding legal aspects of entrepreneurial process. Topics include selecting a business form, obtaining financial capital, marshaling human resources, securing and protecting intellectual property rights, anticipating and managing risks, and engaging in e-commerce.

BLAW-384. Labor & Employment Law. 3 Hours.

The course provides a broad overview of major areas of law concerning the regulation of the workplace, including the law of labor relations. The course focuses primarily on federal laws governing employment and examines specific employment issues, such as unfair labor practices, regulation of union activities, discrimination laws, pay equity laws, employee privacy topics, wage and hour laws, dispute settlement laws, health and occupational safety laws, and employment relations laws.

BLAW-400. Legal Environment Of Business And Management. 2 Hours.

This course centers on the american legal system as one sphere of influence in the business operations of an organization. Topics include anti-trust laws, mergers and acquisitions, securities regulations, equal employment, and labor management regulations, product liability, and consumer protection. Litigation and arbitration as methods for resolving disputes are also covered. The social responsibilities, ethical concerns, and dilemmas of the organization's manager are stressed as part of the practical decision making environment.

BLAW-410. International Business Law. 3 Hours.

This course will include material on the international legal environment, international economic associations, such as WTO, conflicts of law, international contracting, letters of credit, exporting/importing issues, including tariffs and other aspects of international business transactions. The purpose is to prepare an MBA student to be able to understand the legal issues that are involved in international business transactions.