Graduate College (GRAD)


GRAD-498. Thesis Research Or Major Project. 1 Hour.

Guidance of students conducting thesis research or a major project. Registration in this course is required every fall and spring for graduate students who are not currently registered for other credits, but who are working on theses or major projects. Registration is not required during summer sessions. The Course Schedule Maintenance for Thesis Research form must be submitted to the Graduate college by the end of the first week of classes.

GRAD-999. Continuing Enrollment. 1 Hour.

This course serves to allow graduate students to meet the requirements of the Graduate Continuing Enrollment policy rather than any specific program credit hour requirements. By the design of the policy, it allows students to remain enrolled at the university as they fulfill any non-course requirements in their program (e.g. passing a comprehensive exam) if they are not otherwise enrolled, thus allowing students access to university resources, such as library, advisement, mentoring and assessment, computer software packages and platforms, and email privileges.