Nontraditional Degree Programs (NDP)


NDP-201. College Success For Adult Returning Students. 3 Hours.

Students will examine college success strategies including self awareness, critical thinking, styles of learning, time management, reading and notetaking skills, writing techniques, study skills, test taking strategies, overcoming math anxiety and strengthening learning gaps. The course will also provide an orientation to the NEIU learning environment with focus on university engagement. NDP-201 is open to all incoming adult returning students from all academic disciplines.

NDP-301. Putting It All Together: Projects For Academic And Career Goals. 2 Hours.

This project-based course integrates out-of-college learning with the college curriculum and equips students with skills that can be applied across academic disciplines and in their careers. Students consider academic and career goals as they plan, develop and execute a personal project to accommodate those goals. Topics may include self-assessment, goal setting, learning theory, critical reading, project development and presentation.
Requirement: 45 credit hours completed.

NDP-305. Introduction To Library Research And Information Fluency. 1 Hour.

Introduction to Library Research and Information Fluency, lcr. This class will introduce students to library research and issues in information studies. Students will acquire the skills to find and evaluate information and will learn how to create a bibliography and write citations. The course is geared towards students Interested in learning how to research for class assignments, prepare research in their major or for graduate studies.

NDP-310. Writing Intensive Program: Diversity In The Workplace. 3 Hours.

Workplace diversity is a hallmark of contemporary life. This course explores multiple dimensions of diversity, including race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities with the goal of preparing students to function in varied settings. The course is a writing intensive experience, offering the opportunity to develop and hone written communication skills applicable to the workplace.
Prerequisite: ENGL-101 with a minimum grade of C.

NDP-321. Correspondence On Current Biology Topics. 3 Hours.

This course is designed for students interested in understanding current topics in the field of biology. The correspondence will vary based on instructor and student interest, but will focus on the appropriate biological background, experimental techniques, and the impact of these topics on health, society, and the environment. In addition, scientific reasoning and effective means of communicating biology to different audiences will also be discussed. Through the course materials, assignments, and regular correspondence, students will develop an appreciation for the living world around them, an understanding of experimental techniques in the natural sciences, and effective ways of communicating scientific information.
Prerequisite: (100 - 399 or 100A - 399Z).

NDP-330. Creating A Prior Learning Portfolio. 1 Hour.

This one-credit hour course guides students through the process of creating a portfolio that showcases prior learning experiences. The course examines issues relating to learning and life experience. It explores questions of academic specialization and professional development. Final portfolios can be used to request credit by assessment and as a testament to a student’s personal and professional accomplishments.
Prerequisite: ENGL-101 with a minimum grade of C and ENGL-102 with a minimum grade of C.

NDP-341. Human Rights: An Introduction. 1 Hour.

Human rights principles have been explicitly enshrined in international documents since the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights which American leaders helped formulate in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Human rights language is increasingly used in struggles for social justice worldwide. This course introduces students to the conceptions and debates about human rights in the US and globally, examining examples of the ways these values have and have not been implemented or secured.

NDP-342. Environmental Justice. 3 Hours.

This class will give students an overview of issues and concerns related to environmental justice. Understanding environmental issues is crucial today in the context of global warming. This course introduces new ideas through which to consider the environment and our ethical responsibilities living in it.

NDP-351. Time And Project Management Skills. 1 Hour.

This course explores the range and types of time and project management skills used in everyday life, academic and life-long learning, and in work settings. Students will analyze their own styles and theories of time management, learn how to set effective goals and objectives, and learn change management techniques that can be applied to new approaches, strategies, and techniques of time/project management.

NDP-380. Project Management For Individuals And Organizations. 3 Hours.

This three-credit hour course guides students through the process of creating a project management proposal including a timeline. The course examines issues related to project structure and stakeholders and considers the process from selection to completion. It explores responsibilities within a project as well as how to identify and delegate project tasks. Students will be exposed to project management as it relates to organizational and individual goals, preparing them to participate in projects while maintaining a professional perspective. Content for this course is skill-based and includes knowledge topical to project management through weekly topics in learning modules.
Prerequisite: ENGL-101 with a minimum grade of C and ENGL-102 with a minimum grade of C.