Recreation Management (RECR)


RECR-201. Principles And Practices Of Recreation And Leisure. 3 Hours.

Development of the recreation movement relative to leisure time. Emphasis on the principles and practices relative to a recreation and leisure program.

RECR-202. Camping And Outdoor Recreation. 3 Hours.

Present status, purposes and organization administration of outdoor recreation programs for public, voluntary and commercial agencies. Organization and administration of camps; program planning and staffing; health and safety.

RECR-203. History And Philosophy Of Leisure. 3 Hours.

RECR-204. Leisure, Culture And Society. 3 Hours.

The relationship of social structure to leisure; the impact of leisure on values; recreation as a social and socializing leisure activity. Comparative studies of leisure, leisure values and leisure activities in different culture and sub-cultures.

RECR-205. Introduction To Travel And Tourism. 3 Hours.

RECR-206. Commercial Recreation. 3 Hours.

RECR-302. Leisure Economics. 3 Hours.

Leisure phenomena and the work ethic; the impact of leisure on the economy; the economic significance of discretionary time, discretionary income and discretionary values.

RECR-303. Recreation And Leisure Facilities. 3 Hours.

RECR-304. Organization And Administration Of Leisure Programs. 3 Hours.

An examination of the organization and administration of recreation and leisure programs in public and private agencies. Included will be an emphasis on personnel, programs, evaluation, finance and liability.

RECR-305. Commercial Recreation Attractions And Facilities. 3 Hours.

RECR-306. Development Of The Recreation Resource. 3 Hours.

RECR-320. Leisure Studies Internship And Seminar. 12 Hours.