Educational Foundations

The Educational Foundations coursework introduces students to content and application of educational ideas from the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, history, anthropology, economics, political science and sociology as basic to understanding educational processes. Each program in the Goodwin College of Education requires specific Educational Foundations coursework.  Please refer to the specific program for the program's required Educational Foundations courses.

EDFN-305Philosophical And Historical Foundations Of Public Education3
or EDFN-405 Development Of Educational Thought
EDFN-306Education And Individual Differences3
or EDFN-406 Human Development And Learning
EDFN-307Psychology Of Instruction And Learning3
or EDFN-407 Learning Theories And Educational Practices
EDFN-308Teaching And Learning1.5
  • No required professional education courses may be taken more than twice to achieve an acceptable grade.
  • Sophomore standing is required.

Observation and service hours

Students in EDFN-306, EDFN-307, EDFN-406, and EDFN-407 complete observations and/or services in educational settings. Unlike pre-student teaching clinical and student teaching, EDFN students identify and secure their own field site to complete the course activities in a way that will allow them to fulfill the specific field-based requirements outlined in the course syllabi.

Students will receive an instructional packet from the course instructor within the first two weeks of the semester. The steps to complete before going to the school site are defined in the EDFN direction packet. Minimally, students must complete the Chicago Public School (CPS) Field Experience registration process.

Students must complete the following items and submit them to their course instructor in D2L within the first two weeks of the semester:

  1. Evidence of submission of online CPS Field Experience Registration form.
  2. Accurate Biometrics CPS Field Experience background check receipt

Students must submit their CPS Field Experience Approval to the course instructor in D2L. They then are eligible to go into the school site to complete their hours. Students may bring an observation packet to their school site if provided by their course instructor.

A documentation form on which all observation and service hours are recorded must be submitted to the course instructor via D2L at the end of the semester.

If asked to leave a school by the school administration, classroom teacher, Educational Foundations Program Coordinator, Department Chair, or CEST Office Director, the EDFN student will not be allowed to conduct their EDFN observation and service hours at a different school site in the same semester. The EDFN student may also be referred to the professional standards committee of their respective academic department or the Department of Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies. The EDFN student also may be dismissed from their academic program.

If an EDFN student is asked to leave a school, they may not have any further communication with the administration, the classroom teacher, the school staff, or the students.  If the EDFN student does so, they may be referred to the professional standards committee of their respective academic department or the EDFN home Department. The EDFN student also may be dismissed from their academic program.