Teacher Licensure Program (TLP) and Focused Programs

Teacher Licensure Program (TLP) for Post-Baccalaureate Students

This program is designed for returning students with degrees in fields other than education who wish to obtain teaching licensure in the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Education, Grades B-2
  • Elementary Education, Grades 1-6
  • Elementary Education with Bilingual Endorsement 1-6
  • Middle-Level Education, Grades 5-8
  • Secondary Education, Grades 9-12 
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Earth Science
    • English
    • History
    • Mathematics
  • Grades PK-12
    • Art
    • Music Education
    • Physical Education
    • World Languages: Spanish

The coursework consists of blocks of undergraduate courses and/or graduate courses that do not lead to a master’s degree. (EXCEPTION: there is an option for combining certification with a Master’s Degree in content-specific areas. Contact the College of Graduate Studies and Research for details.)

Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Minimum GPA as required by the endorsement area.
  • Evaluation of content coursework for admission into B-2,1-6, 5-8, 9-12, or PK-12 TLP.

NOTE: Returning students interested in Elementary Education licensure with Bilingual endorsement may instead pursue a  Master of Arts in Elementary Education with Bilingual Endorsement. Contact the Teacher Education Department at 773-442-5380.

Returning students interested in Secondary Education licensure may instead pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching: Secondary Education. See the Graduate Programs section of the Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies Department (EICS) in this catalog for admission and program requirements. Contact EICS at 773-442-5586.

Returning students interested in Physical Education licensure may contact the Department of Health Science and Physical Education at 773-442-5560.

State teacher examinations: Program students must pass the appropriate ILTS content-area test prior to student teaching (e.g. Elementary Education, Biology). Students must also pass the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) for program completion/entitlement. Information on these tests is available from the TLP Advisors, Ms. Ulisa Blakely at 773-442-5389 (B-2), Mr. Sean Condon at (773) at 442-5374 (Elementary, or Elementary with a Bilingual endorsement), or Ms. Vanessa King at (773) 442-5387 (9-12 and PK-12), or Ms. Marianne Morrisey at 773-442-4159 (PK-12 Physical Education).

Elementary Education Endorsement:

Professional Sequence42

NOTE: Returning students interested in an Elementary Education license may instead pursue a Master of Arts in Elementary Education. See the MAT in Elementary Education program in the Teacher Education Department Section in this catalog for admission and program requirements.

Early Childhood Education B-2 ENDORSEMENT:

For more information on the B-12 Early Childhood Teacher Licensure Program, contact Ms. Ulisa Blakely at (773) 442-5389.

Middle-Level Education 5-8 endorsement:

Please, contact the Teacher Education Department at 773-442-5380 for further information about the TLP option in middle-level education. NEIU has been approved to offer Middle-Level Education endorsements in the following areas:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science 

Music PK-12 Endorsement:

For information on the Music PK-12 licensure program, contact the Music Department or Ms. Vanessa King at (773) 442-5387.

9-12 OR PK-12 Education Endorsement: 

Professional Sequence28

Major area: Must meet Northeastern’s content coursework requirements in one of the following academic areas:

  • Science: Biology 9-12
  • Science: Chemistry 9-12
  • Science: Earth Science 9-12
  • Science: Physics 9-12
  • English Language Arts 9-12
  • Social Science: History 9-12
  • Mathematics 9-12
  • Music Education PK-12
  • World Languages: Spanish PK-12
  • Physical Education PK-12 (contact Ms. Marianne Morrisey at 773-442-4159)
  • Visual Art PK-12

Focused Programs for Subsequent Teaching Licensure

Per the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Administrative Code Section 25, Northeastern Illinois University now offers  Focused Programs for teachers who hold a valid and current Illinois Teaching License.

The Focused Programs allow licensed teachers to obtain subsequent endorsements in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle-Level Education, Secondary Education, Bilingual Education, Physical Education, and other areas.

Candidates who complete a Focused Program for subsequent endorsements will be recommended for the endorsement. For further information, don't hesitate to contact the Teacher Education Department at (773) 442-5380.