Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act

Security Awareness and Crime Prevention Program

The University’s crime prevention program is based upon the dual concepts of minimizing criminal opportunities whenever possible, and encouraging students and employees to take an active role in their own security and the security of others. The University Police Department offers crime prevention training on a number of topics. Crime prevention officers conduct physical security surveys of the campus and conduct crime prevention presentations for the campus community. The following is a listing of some activities of the crime prevention program:

1. Escort Service - Police officers provide an escort service, particularly during hours of darkness, for persons walking on campus to the parking lots or adjacent city streets.

2. New Student Orientation Presentations

3. School Year Kick-off Presentations - A crime prevention presentation accompanied by brochures and other printed material is made available to students during a special presentation at the beginning of the school year.

4. Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance - Closed circuit television cameras survey all of the parking lots on campus and are recorded in the University Police Department.

5. Crime Prevention Presentations - Numerous crime prevention presentations are made annually to such campus groups as the Day Care Center staff and children, students with disabilities, international students, and other student or staff organizations upon request.

6. Printed Crime Prevention Materials - Printed crime prevention brochures, posters, and bookmarks related to personal security and our escort service are distributed at various locations on campus. 

7. Computerized Alarm System - A computerized alarm monitoring system located in the University Police Department monitors a comprehensive network of intrusion, detection, and duress alarms.

8. Security Surveys - Comprehensive physical security surveys are made of campus facilities upon request.

9. Crime Prevention News - Crime prevention articles and materials are published in the student newspaper.

10. Sexual Assault Awareness, Education, and Prevention - In cooperation with several departments on campus, sexual assault awareness, education, and prevention presentations are made available to members of the campus community.

11. Code Blue Emergency Phones - The University has emergency direct dial phones located on campus walkways and throughout the parking facility and lots. The phones are readily recognizable by the blue light on top of the column that houses the emergency phone. These phones dial the University Police Department directly at the push of a button.

12. N-Safe and the Mobile 911 Shield Application

The 2022 Annual Safety & Security Information Report is provided as part of Northeastern Illinois University’s commitment to safety and security on campus and is in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policies and Campus Crime Statistics Act, 20 U.S.C. (a) and (f).