Mandatory Student Fees and Parking Options

Mandatory General Fee Per Credit Hour

$85.00 (up to 16 credit hours)

The General Fee intends to enhance and facilitate many aspects of University life. 

Revenues from the General Fee support services, programs, facilities and materials to help students succeed and ultimately contribute to a comprehensive learning environment. The General Fee supports:

  • University renovations, improvements and upgrades of classrooms, laboratories and other academic space.
  • Current and future long-term investments in capital facilities and technology infrastructure.
  • A comprehensive Campus Recreation program, including intramurals, wellness and fitness programs, aquatics, sport clubs and informal recreation.
  • Enhancement of computer resources available to students including:
    • Computer labs
    • Smart classrooms
    • Connectivity
    • Support staff
  • Student Health and Wellness Services to provide assessment and care for a wide range of student health concerns.
  • Library initiatives that support student-learning opportunities.
  • Infrastructure and operational costs involved in making online courses available to students.
  • Performing Arts, including University theater and dance productions, and musical concerts.
  • Student Government Association (SGA) student organizations and clubs, and the many activities, programs, media, and events sponsored by the SGA.
  • The Student Union, which is the heart of the activity on campus. It is the scene of lectures, discussions, concerts, dances, meetings and other activities. The facilities include food services, lounges and meeting rooms.
  • The Green Fee Committee supports the implementation of clean and renewable energy technologies and improvement of campus energy efficiency at the University. Some examples of the uses of this fee may include: a campus-wide energy audit, lighting efficiency improvements, alternate energy sources (solar panels) and recycling initiatives

MANDATORY FLAT RATE FEESNEIU charges mandatory flat rate fees that are assessed once per semester rather than per credit hour

  • $3.00 Green Fee funds implementation of clean and renewable energy technologies and improvement of campus energy efficiency at Northeastern Illinois University.
  • $155.00 Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) U-Pass Fee provides an unlimited ride pass for the CTA, available to all full-time students. For the Spring, Summer and Fall terms, full-time is defined as 12 credit hours minimum for undergraduate students and 9 credit hours minimum for graduate students.                                                                    


Starting in Fall 2023 and forward University students will no longer be automatically assessed for parking fees. Students will have the choice to OPT-IN to pay for campus parking. This also means that students will no longer need to submit parking waivers as parking fees will no longer be automatically assessed.

Parking Options: 

  • Blue level parking fee will be $10 per credit hour, up to a maximum of 16 enrolled credit hours per semester.  Vehicle registration for a virtual parking permit can be done on-line per the dates indicated for each semester. Parking fees will be charged per credit hour regardless of campus: (main, online, off etc...
  • Gold level parking is available at a rate of $379 per semester. Students who wish to participate in Gold level parking must visit Student Payment Services (Building D Room 101) to sign a waiver form to opt out of Blue level parking and purchase Gold level parking. 
  • Starting Fall 2023 and forward, students that do not wish to park on campus do not need to take any action. Parking will only be assessed to students that OPT-IN to park on campus and parking waivers will no longer be required as parking fees will only be charged to students that register a vehicle online to purchase a virtual permit.