Baccalaureate Goals

NEIU Baccalaureate Goals

Northeastern Illinois University prepares a diverse community of students for leadership and service in our region and in a dynamic multicultural world. This is achieved through pursuit of the following goals:

  1. Intellectual and Practical Skills
    • Inquiry, evaluation and analysis
    • Critical and creative thinking
    • Written and oral communication proficiency
    • Original design and artistic performance
    • Quantitative literacy
    • Information literacy and research skills
    • Technological fluency
    • Teamwork and problem solving
  2. Immersion in Disciplines and Fields of Study
    • Knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world
    • Mastery of different modes of knowing and integrative learning in a student’s major, with a broad awareness of other areas of study
    • Ability to synthesize general and specialized studies both within and across disciplines
    • Use of classroom knowledge to identify and engage big questions, as well as the practical issues of everyday life
  3. Learning within the Framework and Resources of NEIU
    • Integration of knowledge through internships, volunteerism, service learning, student teaching, applied research and writing, creative work and performance, etc.
    • Engagement at the personal and community level
    • Application of local and global civic knowledge
    • Understanding and appreciation of the complexities of individual identities
    • Intercultural knowledge and competence

These goals promote intellectual development and mastery of knowledge across the curriculum. The experiences of applied learning and engaging diversity foster life-long learning, social responsibility and ethical professionalism in the NEIU graduate.