The Sociology Department offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. Additionally, students may choose an eighteen-hour minor in sociology.

Sociology is the systematic study of human societies, their patterns and arrangements, their processes of development and change. Course offerings cover sociological theories, research methods, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, inequalities, social institutions, social issues, social action and social change.

A major in sociology can provide a useful orientation for students who plan to attend graduate school or seek careers in community-based organizations or in such fields as education, human resources, urban planning, law, community organizing, social welfare, or research in government and private organizations.

NOTE: The following rules apply to the major and minor in Sociology: Transfer courses must be approved by the department before being applied to the major or minor. For transfer students majoring in Sociology, at least 24 hours must be taken at Northeastern and for students minoring in Sociology, at least 9 hours must be taken at Northeastern.

Students should also be aware of the University requirements for the Bachelor's degree.

Brett C. Stockdill, Ph.D., Professor, Chair
Brooke Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Wamucii Njogu, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Olivia N. Perlow, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Andreas G. Savas-Kourvetaris, Ph.D., Associate Professor

SOC-100. Introduction To Sociology. 3 Hours.

Fundamental concepts involved in understanding human societies. Socialization, culture, social interaction, social institutions, social stratification, and social change are discussed.

SOC-104. Schools And Society. 3 Hours.

SOC-105. Women, Men And Social Change. 3 Hours.

This course will examine the roots of gender expectations and gender divisions; and historical and cultural variations in how gender has and is perceived. The course will raise questions about the consequences of the social organization of gender relations and the possibilities for change in the positions of men and women in society.

SOC-109A. First Year Experience: Investigating Chicago: Immigration & Migration. 3 Hours.

In this course, the five foundations of the First-Year Experience (Future Planning, Integral Preparation, Research, Self-discovery and Transitions) are interwoven with the field-specific concepts and terminology of sociology. Using the city as a lab, freshmen explore Chicago's immigrants and immigration patterns, actively discovering the complexity and diversity of Chicago as an immigrant destination through readings, films, speakers, and out-of-class experiences.

SOC-204. Sociology Of Small Groups. 3 Hours.

A study of the individual and group relationships in society in terms of the various types of social collectives; primary and secondary groups, crowds and publics, collective behavior and social movements with emphasis on the symbolic nature of social interaction.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-205. Contemporary Social Issues. 3 Hours.

Analysis and interpretation of major contemporary social issues, such as war and peace, poverty, racism, sexism, power structures; critical evaluation of present and suggested programs to meet current problems.

SOC-206. Sociology Of Drug Abuse. 3 Hours.

Review of literature and current research on drug abuse. Examination of leading social explanations of drug abuse and consideration of drug treatment and prevention approaches.

SOC-211. Sociological Research Methods. 3 Hours.

Emphasis on increasing student's abilities to communicate their understanding of social science research. Focus on learning social science research vocabulary, developing an understanding of issues in the philosophy of the social sciences, learning steps and procedures in sociological research, and using writing skills relevant to social science research.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-212. Introduction To Social Statistics. 3 Hours.

An introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics which are the basic statistical methods used in Sociology and other Social Science disciplines. Students will also learn how to use a statistical package (SPSS for Windows) to analyze and interpret survey data.
Prerequisites: ((SOC-100 and SOC-211) or SOC-337) and (MATH-092 or MATH-102 or NEIU Math Placement Result 30 - 45 or ACT Math 22 - 36 or Accuplacer College Level Math 020 - 120).

SOC-214. Sociology Of Intimacy, Marriages And Families. 3 Hours.

The major issues involved in the criticisms of family systems with a view to predicting how current forms are likely tomesh with changing trends to form marriage and family patterns in the future. Areas of study include family history, changing demographic patterns, family structures, gender roles, sexuality, reproductive technology, marital interaction and power, marital dissolution and reconstituted families.

SOC-221. Sociology Of Work. 3 Hours.

Examines work as both a social and economic phenomenon; focuses on the role of work in people's lives and on the nature of occupational roles as an element of social structure. Areas of study include the impact of technology on the meaning and organization of work, the global economy, reward structures, unemployment, and the changing composition of the labor force of the future.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-230. Sociological Analysis. 3 Hours.

An introduction to when and how to do sociological analysis of popular and scholarly opinion, with a focus on developing and/or improving communication and critical thinking skills. The course integrates sociological theory and methods and requires students to analyze and critique theories, opinions, and research found in a variety of popular and scholarly materials using a sociological perspective.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-245. Writing Intensive Program: Social Inequalities. 3 Hours.

Examines different sociological explanations of the causes and consequences of social inequalities at the intersections of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality; explores the linkages between social stratification in the United States and global inequalities and how inequalities are institutionalized, legitimized, and experienced by different groups of people. This is a writing intensive course.
Prerequisites: SOC-100 minimum grade of C and ENGL-101 minimum grade of C.

SOC-250. Sociology Of Deviance. 3 Hours.

Overview of the sociological works, both past and present, in the area of social deviance. In addition, traditional and alternative definitions and explanations of deviant behavior will be explored.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-270. Sociology Of Latinas. 3 Hours.

Study of the role played by the Latina, and the social, economic and political issues that affect her life. The relationship between class and gender, and the impact of modernization on women's roles and status will also be examined.

SOC-302. Sociology Of Aging. 3 Hours.

The aging process, examined from both an individual and societal perspective; problems, potentials, and realities of aging. Topics of study include the nature and quality of relations among members of different generations, age norms, age constraints, and adult socialization as well as historical and cross-cultural comparisons of aging.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-306. American Women-The Changing Image. 3 Hours.

Analyzes women's varying roles, statuses and life opportunities; covers the feminist movement, past and present with special emphasis on the intersection of gender, race and social class.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C or WSP-101 minimum grade of C.

SOC-307. Men & Masculinities. 3 Hours.

This course addresses the central themes that have emerged in the feminist-inspired sociological research on men and masculinities. These themes include men's institutionalized power and privilege over women, inequalities among different groups of men (e.g., power disparities across race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and nation of origin), and the costs men and women pay for men's conformity to rigid notions of masculinity. In our exploration of these themes, we will discuss masculinities at the individual, interpersonal, institutional, societal, and global levels.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-309. Sociology Of Racism. 3 Hours.

Survey of the sociological and historical development of the theories of race and racism and the impact these theories have had on the implementation of social policy. Black experience in America is highlighted and special attention is given to institutional expressions of racism in the Western World.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C or AFAM-200 minimum grade of C.

SOC-310. Social Movements. 3 Hours.

A systematic analysis of selected social and political revolutions and/or revolutionary movements in the United States and globally.
Prerequisite: (LLAS-101 minimum grade of C or MCS-101 minimum grade of C) or SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-312. Sociology Of Health And Illness. 3 Hours.

Survey of theory and research concerning social and cultural factors in determining health and illness and description of health care organization and practice. Societal responses to health care problems.

SOC-313. Social Demography. 3 Hours.

Population characteristics and population dynamics in a variety of cultural settings; political, economic and sociological implications of population trends, resources and approaches in demographic analysis.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-314. Urban Sociology. 3 Hours.

Population characteristics, social structure, social change and social policy associated with urbanization and community development. Focus on problems of the inner city.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-316. Race And Ethnic Relations. 3 Hours.

A cross-cultural study of the patterns of interaction between racial and ethnic groups, analysis of the sources of prejudice and discrimination; examination of the relationships between race and ethnic relations and patterns of stratification.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C or AFAM-200 minimum grade of C.

SOC-317. Sociology Of Religions And Spirituality. 3 Hours.

Study of the social aspects of religious beliefs, practices and participation. The Church as a social institution and its relationship to social class, social control. Religion as a form of expressive behavior. The function of religion for the individual and for different social groups.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-324. Political Sociology. 3 Hours.

Centers on the intersection of politics, society, and change. Challenges conventional notions of the status quo through the investigation of social historical and comparative perspectives on change including political ideas, practices, cleavages, and commonalities within communities and between peoples and nations. Focuses on how power and democracy become intimate bedfellows whose partnership has radically different consequences for different groups of people in society.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-328. Extreme Right Groups. 3 Hours.

SOC-329. Sociology Of Violence. 3 Hours.

Cross cultural study and focus on social and psychological explanations of violence in American society.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-331. Military Sociology. 3 Hours.

Focus on the question of U.S. military response to problems in the Third World countries. In non-technical language, the issues of political-military responses to insurgencies and revolutions are discussed within the framework of the new military doctrine of low intensity warfare and mid-intensity warfare.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-332. Sociology Of Education. 3 Hours.

An analysis and critique of education as a vast and complex social institution. The course will include a focus on the major features of the U.S. educational bureaucracy, its functions in creating and transmitting culture and maintaining social control as well as a systematic analysis of diversity, cross-cultural, local, national and global trends in education.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-335. Sociological Theory. 3 Hours.

History of social thought, the various interpretations of societal patterns; the theoretical orientations of classical sociological figures including Marx, Durkheim, and Weber and more recent orientations including conflict theory, symbolic interaction and structural functionalism.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-336. Contemporary Sociological Theory. 3 Hours.

A survey of contemporary sociological theories and paradigms, with a focus on writings that have most influenced the development of contemporary sociological theory and the way sociologists currently approach and analyze their subject matter. The course will explore theories, perspectives, ideas and works from voices generally unheard in discussions of formal sociological theory - namely, the voices of people of color and women.
Prerequisites: SOC-100 minimum grade of C and (SOC-211 minimum grade of C or SOC-335 minimum grade of C).

SOC-340. Sociology Of Sexualities. 3 Hours.

Critical discussion and reading of current research and literature on human sexuality; the continuous psycho-sexual development of children, adolescents and adults; heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality; the use of sex by the media; pornography; prostitution; sex and the law; institutional sexuality; population control; marital sex; the effects of class background on sexual practices.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C or WSP-101 minimum grade of C.

SOC-341. Independent Study In Sociology. 3 Hours.

Research study in an area of special interest to the student involving research methodology and field studies. Independent Studies require the approval of the instructor, department chair and the College Dean.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-341A. Independent Study In Sociology. 3 Hours.

Research study in an area of special interest to the student involving research methodology and field studies. Independent Studies require the approval of the instructor, department chair and the College Dean.

SOC-342. Sociology Internship Seminar. 3 Hours.

Taken concurrently with SOC-345. The Sociology Internship Seminar investigates the application of sociological knowledge and skills to an actual organizational setting. Investigates interpersonal relationships, internal organizational relationships and dynamics, and the social context of organizations within the larger community and society at large. Critical examination of the relationships between organizations, social inequalities, and social justice. Exploration of career and graduate school resources and information.
Prerequisites: SOC-100 minimum grade of C and SOC-105 minimum grade of C and (SOC-211 minimum grade of C or SOC-337 minimum grade of C) and SOC-335 minimum grade of C.
Corequisite: SOC-345.

SOC-343. Sociological Practice And Social Action Seminar. 3 Hours.

This seminar provides students with an opportunity to do service and research in an applied organizational setting. It includes problem solving through involvement and social action research in one organizational setting. As an applied sociologist, the student will learn to produce information that is useful in resolving problems in community organizations, social service organizations and grass roots social change organizations.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-344. African American Women:Feminism, Race, And Resistance. 3 Hours.

A systematic examination of the collective experiences of African American women, historical and contemporary; the myths versus the realities of their everyday lives, including the interrelatedness and simultaneous effect of race, class, gender, sexual orientation and age in their lived experiences.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C or AFAM-200 minimum grade of C.

SOC-345. Sociology Internship Placement. 3 Hours.

Taken concurrently with SOC-342. Students will complete 144 hours at an internship placement in an organization chosen in collaboration with the professor. Performance of various tasks under the direction of a site supervisor to enhance the understanding and application of sociological theories and concepts and to gain experience relevant to career and/or graduate school interests. Prereq.: Senior status; SOC-100; SOC-211; SOC-335.
Prerequisites: SOC-100 minimum grade of C and SOC-211 minimum grade of C and SOC-335 minimum grade of C.
Corequisite: SOC-342.

SOC-347. Sociology Of Media. 3 Hours.

A systematic examination of mass media as a social construction of knowledge. Major focus is on the social and historical contexts within which the media are created, the powerful influence of the various media on the socialization process, and the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation and age in the images and knowledge created by mass media.

SOC-349. Black Social Movements. 3 Hours.

Examination of the African American civil rights movement. Analysis of the origins and development of the modern civil rights movement, a movement that emerged in the South during the 1950s. Exploration of organized, collective forms of social change and theories of social movements and collective action. Emphasis on local, regional and national civil rights campaigns; the development, achievements, and disintegration of the national civil rights coalition; and the contributions of the male and female unsung heroes of the movement.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-350. Social Structure In Black Communities. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to explore institutional variation and social change within African-American communities. We will examine African-American populations in different settings, both contemporary and historical, and attention will be given to major traditions of sociological theory and research related to these communities. We will additionally explore the origin, structure, reproduction, and outcomes of racism and white supremacy, and how this relates to labor market processes and outcomes, social mobility and living standards, and major social institutions such as healthcare, education, and criminal justice systems, as they relate to African Americans.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C or AFAM-200 minimum grade of C.

SOC-351. Senior Seminar In Sociology. 3 Hours.

Discussion, critical review and integration of student's work with current research. Preparation of a research paper with ongoing feedback from the instructor.
Prerequisites: SOC-100 minimum grade of C and SOC-105 minimum grade of C and (SOC-211 minimum grade of C or SOC-337 minimum grade of C) and SOC-335 minimum grade of C.

SOC-352. Sociology Of HIV/AIDS. 3 Hours.

Examination of the sociological aspects of the AIDS crisis. Socio-history of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the United States and globally. Emphasis on how racial, class, gender and sexual inequalities have shaped the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS. Responses of dominant social institutions to the AIDS crisis. Collective action by impacted communities around issues of education, prevention, research, health care and support services. Contemporary issues facing people living with HIV/AIDS including stigma, discrimination, mental health, access to treatment, legal issues, and empowerment.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-358. Sociology Of Youth And Youth Culture. 3 Hours.

An analysis of youth and youth culture including the historical context of adolescence, sociopolitical issues confronting youth and youth culture as a form of social and political resistance. Each topic will be explored through detailed analyses of relevant literature, discussions with professionals who work with youth, and student research projects.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-360. Sociology Of Occupations And Professions. 3 Hours.

Exploration of the historical, theoretical and empirical literature on occupations and professions. Issues to be explored include the relationship between occupations and the family, education, technology and the political environment.
Prerequisites: SOC-100 minimum grade of C and SOC-221 minimum grade of C.

SOC-362. Becoming "American. 3 Hours.

Becoming "American" is not exclusively about American citizenship. Rather, it is about understanding how changes in American society influence our social policies and vice versa. Each week the course will focus on different social policies and raise questions about their consequences on social groups and the possibilities for change. By learning how social policy develops, students will have the tools to examine current social debates that often polarize Americans into "us versus them.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-365. Sociology Of Globalization. 3 Hours.

Globalization is the worldwide integration of government policies, cultures, social movements, and financial markets through trade and the exchange of ideas. This course analyzes the processes that produce globalization and the outcomes of globalization, with a special focus on Chicago. Using a sociological lens we examine the development of globalization and its effects upon nation-states, individuals, culture, politics, inequality, and other aspects of society. Students will critically evaluate the effects of globalization with the goal of becoming engaged and empowered members of the global community.
Prerequisite: SOC-100 minimum grade of C.

SOC-373. Community Action And Resistance. 3 Hours.

Chicago metropolitan field investigation of community conditions, local institutions and action programs. Field investigations may be broad or concentrate on a particular school or community.
Prerequisites: SOC-100 minimum grade of C and (SOC-211 minimum grade of C or SOC-337 minimum grade of C).

SOC-375. Government Intelligence Agencies. 3 Hours.

A study of the various government agencies which collect intelligence within the U.S. and in foreign countries with emphasis on the kinds of intelligence gathered and the political uses to which it is put. The work of the CIA and the FBI are critically examined.