Angelica Rivera, Ph.D., Director
Lech Walesa Hall, LWH-4029
(773) 442-5460

Proyecto Pa'Lante is an academic support services program that has historically and continues to serve Latino students who demonstrate academic potential, and may not meet the general University admissions requirements. Proyecto Pa’Lante is also a University admitting body, responsible for recruiting and admitting students.

Students in this program are given a two-year adjustment period to meet University academic requirements. They must actively participate in the assistance programs provided and show evidence of academic progress. Students receive guidance and support from an academic advisor until the requirements to declare a major are met.

In addition, the program offers integral information about transitioning and excelling in college, via 3-credit academic transition courses taught by Proyecto Pa’Lante advisors. These courses complement the program’s objectives to provide personal and academic support services designed to increase scholastic achievement, persistence toward graduation, and community building at Northeastern Illinois University.

Proyecto Pa’Lante es un programa de apoyo académico creado para reclutar principalmente a estudiantes de origen Latino que demuestran potencial académico, o que tal vez no cumplen con los requisitos generales obligatorios para ser admitidos a la Universidad. Proyecto Pa’Lante es responsable de reclutar y admitir a sus estudiantes. Estudiantes en este programa reciben un periodo de ajuste académico de dos años para cumplir los requisitos académicos de la Universidad. Se requiere que los estudiantes participen activamente y demuestren evidencia de su progreso académico.

Los estudiantes reciben la orientación y apoyo de un consejero académico hasta que el estudiante haya cumplido los requisitos para declarar su carrera académica. El programa ofrece a los estudiantes información que los ayuda a hacer la transición a la universidad a través de dos clases de 3 créditos que son instruidos por los consejeros académicos. Estas clases complementan los objetivos del programa de proveer apoyo personal y académico a los estudiantes para mejorar su progreso académico, la persistencia para adquirir un título universitario, y crear un abmiente de familia y comunidad.

Proyecto Pa’Lante Seminars

ACAD-101C. Special Programs Seminar I: Proyecto Pa'Lante. 3 Hours.

This course covers college success strategies by (1) developing students' self-awareness and self assessment; (2) promoting a better understanding and appreciation of education, cultural and professional environments and specifically, the NEIU environment, and (3) cultivating and enhancing students' learning, organization and critical thinking skills and define career options while integrating computer technology. Students will also understand and apply appropriate general education concepts.

ACAD-102C. Special Programs Seminar II: Proyecto Pa'Lante. 3 Hours.

This course covers college success strategies as described in ACAD-101C Special Program Seminar I: Proyecto Pa'Lante and is designed for students who have not successfully completed the first Fall term or have not earned a C or better grade in ACAD-101C at NEIU based on the Proyecto Pa'Lante Participation Agreement.