Master of Arts in Communication, Media and Theatre (30 credit hours)

This graduate program is designed to provide advanced study of communication research and the principles and practices of communication, media and theatre, for teachers of communication at the secondary level, elementary school teachers, candidates for teaching positions in higher education, students interested in positions in business and industry, and as a preparation for further graduate study. All newly admitted students begin coursework in the fall semester.

Minimum Requirements for Admission to the Program

Students must fulfill the requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies and Research before admission into the CMT graduate program can be considered. Applicants are required to have completed 15 undergraduate credit hours (a minimum of 9 credit hours at the advanced [300 or above] undergraduate level) in Communication, Media or Theatre at an accredited institution of higher education with a B average. Applicants will also be asked to submit a writing sample. Students must satisfy these requirements prior to being admitted into the program. All final admission decisions rest with the CMT faculty.

Students at large will only be authorized to enroll in graduate-level courses with approval of the graduate advisor and the course instructor.

Requirements for the Degree:

30 credit hours are required in consultation with the graduate advisor. A maximum of six hours in cognate areas may be included in the program with the approval of the graduate faculty committee of the Department of Communication, Media and Theatre.

Required Courses: (30 credit hours)

Core courses
CMTC-401Introduction to Graduate Study3
CMTC-402Seminar In Research Methods3
CMTC-404Communication Theory3
CMTT-430Dramatic Theory3
CMTM-465Mass Communication Theory3
Electives selected from 400-level courses in Communication, Media and Theatre15
Total Hours30

In addition to coursework, students must (a) take comprehensive exams, or (b) apply to write a thesis, in order to graduate. Theses must have the approval of the appropriate graduate committee. Students should enroll in CMTC-5901, CMTC-5902 or CMTC-5903. The course counts towards the requirement of 400-level electives. Students may enroll one time only.

Students who complete a thesis must pass an oral examination on topics included in the thesis.

Further information will be provided upon acceptance into the program. Please contact the CMT Graduate Advisor for current information about CMT Graduate Course offerings.