General Education - Distributive Learning Requirements

General Education Distribution Area Cr. Hrs.
Fine Arts (FA)*
2 courses, from at least two of the following areas of study: Art, CMT (Mass Media or Theatre), Music (includes Dance).
Humanities (HU)*
3 courses, from at least two of the following areas of study: CMT (Communication), English, Linguistics. Philosophy, Women's and Gender Studies, World Languages and Cultures, (Note: No more than two foreign language courses may be used to fulfill this requirement.)

Behavioral/Social Sciences (SB)*

3 courses, from at least two of the following areas of study: African & African American Studies, Anthropology, Computer Science, Economics, Geography & Environmental Studies, History, Justice Studies, Latino & Latin American Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work


Natural Sciences (NS and NSL)**

3 courses, from at least two of the following areas of study; one course must have a laboratory component (NSL): Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physics (Note: If an FYE ANTH that counts as Natural Science is taken, only one Biology course may be used for Natural Science).


Math/Quantitative Reasoning (MA)

1 Math course, that has intermediate Algebra as prerequisite OR is a course listed on the General Education Distributive Learning List of Approved Courses. Any 3 hour college level math course, beyond Intermediate Algebra, meets this requirement.

At least 3

Majors in Fine Arts, Humanities or Social/Behavioral Sciences, may waive up to 6 credit hours of General Education requirements in the corresponding distribution area.


 Majors in Natural Sciences may waive up to 9 credit hours of General Education requirements in the Natural Sciences distribution area.


Students should also be aware of all other university requirements to obtain a degree - NEIU requirements

Minor in Latina/o & Latin American Studies (18 credit hours)

Required Courses
LLAS-101Introduction To Latino & Latin American Studies3
LLAS-201Writing Intensive Program: Culture & History Of Latinos3
Electives: Select four electives from the list below. One elective must be a LLAS course. 12
Total Hours18
ANTH-221Peoples Of South America3
ANTH-225Peoples Of Mexico/Central America/Caribbean3
ANTH-250Latin American Archaeology3
ANTH-373Urban Anthropology 13
ANTH-374The Maya3
ANTH-380Archaeological Field School6
ART-305Art & Architecture Of The Ancient Americas3
ART-306Andean Art & Architecture3
ART-307Art & Latin America3
Educational Foundations
EDFN-314LGender, Race, And Class Issues In Education3
ENGL-365Caribbean Literature3
ENGL-369U.S. Latino/a Literature And Culture3
ENGL-382Chicano/A Literature3
Geography and Environmental Studies
GES-302GRegional Geography: Caribbean3
GES-302XRegional Geography: Latin America3
GES-347Gentrification & Urban Redevelopment 13
GES-348Latino Metropolis3
HIST-111DWorld History: Latin America3
HIST-332BUnited States Foreign Relations 1914 - Present3
HIST-333American Ethnic History3
HIST-350History Of Brazil3
HIST-351Central America And The Caribbean3
HIST-353History Of Mexico3
HIST-354Contemporary Latin America3
HIST-392Problems In History 13
Justice Studies
JUST-319Latinos/as & The Criminal Justice System3
JUST-346Introduction To Oral History For Communities3
JUST-370Immigration In Global Perspective3
JUST-371U.S. Immigration Policy & Human Rights In The Americas3
Latina/o and Latin American Studies
LLAS-224The Chicano Movement3
LLAS-225Puerto Ricans & The Caribbean3
LLAS-290Research Methods In Latino And Latin American Studies3
LLAS-301Field Seminar In Latino & Latin American Studies3
LLAS-312Introduction To The Barrio3
LLAS-345Race, Class, Gender & Latinos3
LLAS-351Latinos And Immigration3
LLAS-353Latino Diversities3
LLAS-361Queer Latin American Narrative And Film3
LLAS-391Internship In Latina/o & Latin American Studies3
LLAS-393Independent Studies In Latino & Latin American Studies3
PHIL-364Critical Race Theory3
Political Science
PSCI-329Minority Politics In The United States3
PSCI-331Latinos & Public Policy3
PSCI-332Latinos & The Law3
PSCI-333Immigration, Ethnicity, And Citizenship3
PSCI-365Politics And Government Of Mexico, Central America And The Caribbean3
PSCI-366Politics And Governments Of South America3
PSCI-386Globalization & Politics3
PSYC-317Latino Psychology: Mental Health & The Latino Experience In The USA3
Social Work
SWK-203Analysis Of Cross Culture Interaction 13
SWK-308Social Work Practice With Immigrants & Refugees3
SWK-324Social Work With Latino Communities3
SOC-270Sociology Of Latinas3
SOC-314Urban Sociology 13
SOC-316Race And Ethnic Relations3
SPAN-314Latin American Culture3
SPAN-321Latin American Literature I3
SPAN-323Latin American Literature II3
SPAN-352Puerto Rican Literature3
SPAN-356Realism And Naturalism In Spanish American Literature3
SPAN-358El Modernismo3
SPAN-364Chicago's Latin@ Literature & Culture3
SPAN-368Latin American Cinema3
SPAN-371Seminar: José Martí3
SPAN-372Alejo Carpentier3
SPAN-374Isabel Allende3
SPAN-376Gabriel García Márquez3
SPAN-377Caribbean Literature3
SPAN-378Mexican Literature3
SPAN-379Latin American Theater3
SPAN-381Contemporary Latin American Narrative3
Teacher Education
BLBC-338Bilingualism And Education3
BLBC-342Assessment In The Bilingual Classroom3
ELED-315Teaching In The Inner City Elementary School3
SCED-303FTeaching Modern Foreign Languages In The Secondary School3
Teaching English as a Second Language
TESL-320KLanguage & Culture: Latin America3
World Languages & Cultures
WLC-200LIntroduction To Latin American Cultures3

¹ Requires LLAS Advisor approval to count as a LLAS Major/Minor elective.