This program is currently not accepting any applications.  Please contact the department for further information.

The Department of Mathematics offers a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching Elementary and Middle School Mathematics. This program is designed for teachers who wish to improve their level of competence in mathematics or wish to serve as Elementary or Middle School Mathematics Specialists, Coordinators of Elementary or Middle School Mathematics Programs, or Teachers of Elementary or Middle School Mathematics.

The MA program is mathematics-content oriented with a focus on content-specific pedagogy, mathematics teaching in diverse settings, and current Illinois educator and student standards. Students study elementary and middle school mathematics content from an advanced perspective, exploring the underlying concepts with the goal of improving their teaching of elementary and middle school mathematics. Successful completion of the program leads to a middle school mathematics endorsement. To complete the degree, students must complete 30 hours of coursework at the 400-level, a portfolio and exit exam. Students may complete the program in two years by enrolling in two courses during each of the Fall and Spring semesters and two courses in the intervening Summer. Admission preference will be given to applicants with teaching experience. Students interested in 9-12 mathematics endorsement should contact the program advisor for more information.

Requirements for Admission to the MA Program are:

  1. Students must fulfill the requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies & Research.

  2. Students must hold a current Illinois teaching license for teaching elementary or middle school.

  3. Students must have successfully completed 6 or more credit hours of college mathematics content courses.

  4. Application must include an essay (not to exceed 1000 words) describing a successful or unsuccessful elementary or middle grades mathematics lesson taught by the applicant. Essays must address mathematics content, teaching and learning.

Exit Requirements:

  1. One semester prior to their anticipated graduation date, candidates should make an exit evaluation meeting with their program advisor to discuss upcoming exit requirement deadlines.

  2. Upon completing MTHE-496, candidates should submit their portfolios for evaluation.

  3. One semester prior to their anticipated graduation date, candidates should submit a copy of their results on either the Praxis® Middle School Mathematics Exam (5169) or the Illinois Subject Matter Test in Mathematics.

Requirements for the Degree:

All courses are required.  Note: the MATH prefix has changed to MTHE to avoid confusion with courses in the MS in Mathematics program.  Students must have completed at least 24 program hours by the time they complete MTHE-496. Course sequence must be chosen in consultation with the MA advisor. All courses are 3 credit hours.

Required Courses
MTHE-401Number And Operations For Elementary And Middle School Teachers3
MTHE-402Patterns, Functions, And Algebra For Elementary And Middle School Teachers3
MTHE-403Geometry And Measurement For Elementary And Middle School Teachers3
MTHE-404History Of Mathematics For Elementary And Middle School Teachers3
MTHE-438Data Analysis, Probability, And Statistics For Elementary And Middle School Teachers3
MTHE-439Technology For K-8 Math Teachers3
MTHE-450Equitable Mathematics Teaching For Elementary And Middle School Teachers3
MTHE-451Research Trends In Elementary And Middle School Mathematics Education3
MTHE-496Graduate Seminar For Elementary & Middle School Mathematics Teachers3
ELED-403Teaching Mathematics In Elementary Grades3
Total Hours30