Minor in Dance (30 credit hours)

In consultation with the Dance Minor Advisor, the student designs an individualized and appropriately balanced program to meet personal interests and needs.

Resources in Dance

The department sponsors The Ruth Page Dance Series, a professional dance series which showcases diverse styles of dance. Students also have the opportunity to apprentice with professional dance companies. Ensemble Español, the professional company in residence, offers qualified dance students opportunities to participate in intensive workshops throughout the year, and performs on campus regularly. The Department offers the American Spanish Dance Festival each summer with Ensemble Español and international guest artists. Qualified dance students may enroll for credit.


Scholarships are available to outstanding students in Music and Dance. Undergraduate Talent Scholarships (tuition waivers) in Music and in Dance are awarded through audition. Qualified students must not hold a bachelor’s degree. Graduate Scholarships are also available through audition. Complete information is available in the Department.

University Core Curriculum Requirements

General Education Distribution Area Cr. Hrs.
Fine Arts (FA)*
2 courses, from at least two of the following areas of study: Art, CMT (Mass Media or Theatre), Music (includes Dance).
Humanities (HU)*
3 courses, from at least two of the following areas of study: CMT (Communication), English, Linguistics. Philosophy, Women's and Gender Studies, World Languages and Cultures, (Note: No more than two foreign language courses may be used to fulfill this requirement.)

Behavioral/Social Sciences (SB)*

3 courses, from at least two of the following areas of study: African & African American Studies, Anthropology, Computer Science, Economics, Geography & Environmental Studies, History, Justice Studies, Latino & Latin American Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work


Natural Sciences (NS and NSL)**

3 courses, from at least two of the following areas of study; one course must have a laboratory component (NSL): Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physics (Note: If an FYE ANTH that counts as Natural Science is taken, only one Biology course may be used for Natural Science).


Engaged Learning Experiences  

Students must complete, at Northeastern, three courses designated as Engaged Learning Experiences courses. One of the Engaged Learning Experiences courses must be at the 300-level, and one Engaged Learning Experiences course must be designated as "Boundary Crossing".


Discipline Specific (ELE-DS)

These courses have pre-requisites that are specific courses within a program of study. Discipline Specific courses give students a deeper understanding of how knowledge is created and applied in their field.


Boundary Crossing (ELE-X)

These are courses that cross disciplinary boundaries and/or cross boundaries through engagements outside the classroom or University allowing students to see how knowledge gained in one field might inform other fields or other aspects of society.


Math/Quantitative Reasoning (MA)

1 Math course, that has intermediate Algebra as prerequisite OR is a course listed on the General Education Distributive Learning List of Approved Courses. Any 3 hour college level math course, beyond Intermediate Algebra, meets this requirement.


Students should also be aware of all other university requirements to obtain a degree - NEIU requirements

Minor in Dance (30 credit hours)

Students entering the program must demonstrate technical ability and must obtain the advisor’s approval for the total program plan. Students must complete 6 hours of DANC-360 and 3 hours of DANC-390E Performance to satisfy dance minor requirements. Students in the Early Childhood Education programs who have selected this minor must complete a minimum of 9 hours at the 300-level to meet graduation and licensure requirements. Some dance classes may be taken more than once. Consult with the Coordinator of Dance for more information.

Dance Ensembles include:

  • Repertory Ensemble
  • Spanish Dance Ensemble