TESOL Endorsement

The TESOL Program offers graduate courses that can be taken by individuals who are already state licensed teachers who wish to qualify for State Of Illinois Endorsement to teach ESL. For undergraduate students who are working toward a state certification and would like to simultaneously complete coursework leading to the endorsement at the undergraduate level, please see above under “Minor in TESL”.

To get a TESOL Endorsement you need to:

  • Possess a valid Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education Illinois Teaching License (license types 03, 04, 09, or 10)
  • Complete 18 credit hours distributed among five course areas designated by the state. NEIU offers the courses below to fulfill TESOL Endorsement requirements. See your advisor for other courses that may be acceptable.
    TESL-420Structure Of Modern English (Prereq: TESL-402)3
    or TESL-402 Principles Of Linguistics For Teachers
    Theoretical Foundations of Teaching ESL
    TESL-414Theories Of Teaching English As A Second Language3
    Assessment of the Bilingual Student
    TESL-468Assessment Of The Limited English Proficient Student (Prereq: TESL-410 and TESL-414)3
    Methods and Materials of Teaching ESL
    Techniques Of Teaching English As A Second Language
    and Principles Of Linguistics For Teachers (Prereq: TESL-414)
    Cross-Cultural Studies for Teaching Limited English-Proficient (LEP) Students
    TESL-445Language Variation3
  • Complete 100 clock hours of ESL clinical experience.