Reverse Transfer Credit

Northeastern Illinois University Reverse Transfer Credit Policy

Reverse Transfer is a program designed for students who transferred from any Illinois community college to NEIU without earning their associate's degree. Credits successfully completed at NEIU may be transferred back to the community college and used to fulfill the remaining requirements for the student’s associate’s degree. The community college will evaluate the NEIU work and determine if credits taken at NEIU will fulfill any remaining requirements. Students who have attended any Illinois community college are eligible to take advantage of this policy.

Current NEIU students who meet the following criteria will be contacted by Enrollment Management informing them of their eligibility for the Reverse Transfer process:

  • Transferred to Northeastern Illinois University from, or previously attended, an Illinois community college

  • Earned a minimum of 15 credit hours at an Illinois community college

  • Earned a cumulative total of, at least, 60 credit hours, including hours acquired at NEIU 

Students wishing to participate in this program must complete the Reverse Transfer Participation and Transcript Release Form. Completion and submission of this form authorizes NEIU and the specified Illinois community college to exchange transcript information in support of the awarding of the student’s associate’s degree. Once received, the Illinois community college will evaluate the NEIU transcript and determine whether courses taken at Northeastern Illinois University will count toward degree completion.