Learning Success Center

Kate Hahn, Ph.D., Executive Director

The Learning Success Center (LSC), in conjunction with the Center for Academic Writing (CAW), provides peer-directed academic tutoring for NEIU students in the following areas: 

Academic support is provided to students who are seeking assistance with understanding course concepts and preparing assignments, along with developing an improved learning system for college which includes motivation, academic engagement, brain-based habits for college learning, and learning strategies for note taking, textbook reading, and test taking. The primary emphases are promoting active learning strategies, encouraging student engagement, and providing content support. 

Tutors are graduate and undergraduate students who are recommended by faculty and carefully selected on the basis of their own academic achievement and interpersonal communication skills. Tutors are trained, supervised, and supported in their role as tutors.

The LSC provides all NEIU students an area for learning groups and an opportunity to learn with other students. Appointments are strongly encouraged, and students are welcome to drop in to discuss their individual academic support needs. The LSC is located on the fourth floor of the Ronald Williams Library and provides support to students at all NEIU locations. More information is available by visiting the LSC webpage or by contacting LSC by phone at (773) 442-4568 or by email at lsc@neiu.edu.