Center for Academic Writing (CAW)

Kate Hahn, Ph.D., Executive Director

The Center for Academic Writing, located in the Ronald Williams Library, is the home of the Writing Intensive Program (WIP) and part of the Learning Success Center. CAW provides writing support to all NEIU students and WIP peer tutor support to students enrolled in WIP courses. Students can make appointments to work with a writing or WIP tutor online or in person. CAW offers workshops and consultations to departments and faculty who are developing and teaching WIP courses or who are interested in integrating writing into any course. More information is available by visiting the CAW webpage or by contacting CAW by phone at (773) 442-4492 or by email at

Writing Intensive Program (WIP)

The Writing Intensive Program is comprised of undergraduate courses across the curriculum that fulfill NEIU's writing intensive graduation requirement. Undergraduate students must successfully complete a writing intensive (WIP) course of at least 3 credit hours within their discipline in order to graduate. Please see the text of this requirement under Bachelor's Degree Graduation Requirements in this catalog.

Students should speak with their advisor to confirm which course(s) will fulfill the WIP graduation requirement for their major. WIP courses are content courses that are designed to help students master the course content, learn about writing in their chosen discipline, and improve their writing skills.

The list below is a sample of WIP courses offered across the curriculum. Students should review the program requirements for their major and speak with their advisor to determine which WIP courses will fulfill the graduation requirement.

ANTH-300Writing Intensive Program: Writing In Anthropology3
ART-395Writing Intensive Program: Professional Practices In Studio Art3
BIO-305Writing Intensive Program:General Ecology4
CHEM-213Writing Intensive Program: Quantitative Analysis5
CMTC-305Writing Intensive Program: Writing In Communication, Media & Theatre3
CS-319Writing Intensive Program: Fundamentals Of Software Engineering3
ECED-313Writing Intensive Program: Language Development And Educational Implications3
ECON-221Writing Intensive Program: Tools For Economists3
ELED-302Writing Intensive Program: Foundation Of Teaching The English Language Arts3
ENGL-210Writing Intensive Program: Methods for English Majors3
ESCI-306Writing Intensive Program: Earth Materials4
GES-250Writing Intensive Program: Writing in GES3
GS-205Writing Intensive Program: Interdisciplinary Research And Writing3
HRD-325Writing Intensive Program:Communication In Human Resource Development3
ICSE-303Writing Intensive Program: Research Design And Methodology3
JUST-202Writing Intensive Program:Justice And Inequality3
LLAS-201Writing Intensive Program: Culture & History Of Latinos3
MATH-311Writing Intensive Program: Introduction To Advanced Mathematics5
MNGT-370Writing Intensive Program: Managing Global Business Organization3
MUS-312Writing Intensive Program: Beethoven3
NDP-310Writing Intensive Program: Diversity In The Workplace3
PHIL-311Writing Intensive Program: Reasoning In Writing3
PSCI-251Writing Intensive Program: Comparative Political Systems3
PSCI-344Writing Intensive Program: Public Organization Theory3
PSYC-202Writing Intensive Program: Statistics And Research Methods I3
SCED-301Writing Intensive Program:Methods Of Teaching On The Secondary Level3
SOC-346AWriting Intensive Program: Critical Writing For Sociology3
SCED-311Writing Intensive Program: School Curriculum3
SPED-371Writing Intensive Program:Foundations Of Special Education3
SWK-303Writing Intensive Program: Human Behavior And The Social Environment I3
WGS-303Writing Intensive Program: The Power Of Writing: Interdisciplinarity As Critical Practice3
WLC-333Writing Intensive Program: Cross-Cultural Communication3