Maria Genao-Homs, M.A., Director
Building B, B-159
(773) 442-5372

The Angelina Pedroso Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs develops and provides programming and initiatives in a welcoming environment designed to educate, empower, and retain students from socially and culturally diverse backgrounds.

The Pedroso Center contributes to NEIU’s promise to prepare students for leadership and service in our region and in a dynamic multicultural world through the creation of an environment that honors all differences, supports the holistic needs of students, and empowers them to be agents of social change. The Center fosters the success of historically underserved student populations, including undocumented students, through advocacy, mentorship, intercultural education, awareness-building workshops, and programs that celebrate our unique differences. The Center also provides faculty and staff with information and resources to better serve students.

All students are welcome to come in to study, meet other students, and enjoy a calendar of programs and activities that include cultural celebrations, film screenings, speakers, and discussion groups.