Sharon Heimbaugh, M.S.N., A.P.R.N., F.N.P., Director
Building E, E-051
(773) 442-5800

Student Health Services offers routine physical exams, assessment and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, health screening tests, health counseling and well-woman care services, including birth control. Health promotion and wellness events on all campuses are sponsored and supported by Student Health Services.

In the case of life-threatening medical emergencies, Campus Police should be immediately contacted at extension 5511.

Student Immunization Policy

Beginning in Fall 2018, the University will require all students to submit personal immunization records to Student Health Services to be in compliance with the Student Immunization Policy. More information is available at

Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance is no longer a mandatory University fee for students. The University does not require mandatory health insurance and there is no longer a need to waive student health insurance. Students interested in purchasing health insurance that meets ACA (Affordable Care Act) requirements may enroll in an optional individual student health insurance plan offered by Aetna Health Insurance.

The following students are eligible to enroll in the Aetna Student Health plan on a voluntary basis by registering and making direct payment to the Aetna Health Insurance company:

  • Registered undergraduate students taking a minimum of 6 credit hours, including those registered in the University Without Walls program.
  • Registered graduate students enrolled for a minimum of 3 credit hours.
  • Registered international students holding an F1 or J1 visa and enrolled in (1) or more credit hours.
  • Spouses, domestic partners and children of eligible students.

To enroll online, please go to and follow the instructions. Premium payment is made directly to Aetna Student Health. The University no longer directly enrolls or charges students for health insurance.

Students may also qualify for health insurance through the State of Illinois official ACA health marketplace. Visit for more information.