Student Leadership Development

Veronica Rodriguez, M.Ed., Director
Building B, B-159
(773) 442-4660

Student Leadership Development (SLD) is committed to providing meaningful opportunities that assist in challenging and fostering student development through co-curricular activities. SLD facilitates forums for nurturing leadership skills, student empowerment, civic engagement, and the development of the student as a whole. SLD also cultivates opportunities for experiential learning, development of interpersonal relationships, appreciation for diversity and opportunities for community development. SLD provides engaging opportunities that complement the University mission and enhance the NEIU experience.

Student Leadership Development develops students into leaders prepared to make a difference in their professions and their communities. The programs offered through SLD help each student discover their passion and talents, while developing their skills and understanding of leadership and active citizenship.

What Can You Gain by Participating In Our Programs?

  • Build your knowledge, skills and confidence as a leader and gain valuable experience to apply in post-college careers.
  • Explore current, relevant and global issues that will spark engaged citizenship.
  • Practice strategies for leading positive change, such as forming organizations, planning events, volunteering, fundraising, and creating awareness campaigns.
  • Receive recognition for your accomplishments in leadership and civic engagement.

Leadership Development

Northeastern Illinois University is committed to graduating students who will be leaders in their professional careers and their communities. Student Leadership Development offers a wide range of training opportunities and out-of-classroom experiences that encourage NEIU students to assess and develop the skills needed for effective leadership and multicultural understanding.

Civic Engagement

Do you want to make a difference in your community? We can help you find the right opportunity! No matter your interests, major, experience-level, or time constraints, there is something for you. Get involved with the outside community through service days, Alternative Spring Break trips, or volunteer through one of our student-run service projects. Partner with faculty, staff and students to apply what you are learning in your courses to real world problems. Gain valuable experience that will enhance your education as you become an aware and socially responsible individual through service and social action.

Student Involvement

Student organizations represent the most visible and accessible avenue to student involvement. At Northeastern Illinois University there are over 75 student organizations to suit a variety of interests. You will find academic, social, cultural, media, religious and community service organizations to name a few. To get the most from your college experience it’s important that you make time to create a plan that integrates your academic pursuits and career interests to help determine the choices you make about the time you spend outside of class. Active involvement both in and out of class contributes to your learning experience. Additionally, involvement in out of class experiences can help you develop valuable leadership and organizational skills and contribute to your marketability. Student organizations are an integral part of the student life at NEIU as well as the reflection of the diverse interests and activities of our student community.

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