Incomplete Grade Policy

Incomplete Grade Policy

An Incomplete (“I”) grade is temporary and exceptional and can only be given to students whose completed coursework has been qualitatively satisfactory but who have been unable to complete all course requirements because of illness or other circumstances beyond their control.  An “I” grade is not to be awarded in place of a failing grade or when the student is expected to attend additional class meetings or to re-register to complete the course requirements.  Additionally, an “I” grade is not a means for the student to raise his/her grade by doing additional work.

A request for an “I” grade must be made by the student to the faculty member before the last official day of the semester or term. The faculty member retains the right to make the final decision on granting a student's request for an “I” providing the student meets the provisions above, even though the student may meet the eligibility requirements for this grade. Students have up to one semester, excluding summer, to complete the work. 

It is the responsibility of the student to complete and submit the remaining coursework before the assigned deadline. The faculty member will submit a Change of Grade form changing the “I” to a letter grade by or before the last day of classes of the semester in which the outstanding coursework is to be completed.  If the student does not meet the deadline, the “I” will change to a final grade of “F”.  Since the "I" grade is temporary, faculty may not issue a terminal “I” grade. 

Upon receipt of the grade change, the Registrar's Office will post the grade to the student’s record and recalculate the GPA.  Although students have up to one semester, excluding summer, to complete the work to change the grade of Incomplete, the student’s academic standing will be reassessed only if the grade change is received by the Friday of the first full week of the semester immediately following the one in which the “I” grade was assigned. 

Students will not be allowed to graduate with “I” grades on their records.

Extension of an Incomplete Grade
A request to extend the assigned deadline must be put in writing to the appropriate academic dean before the assigned “I” grade becomes a failing grade. The request must provide the reason as to why a deadline extension is requested, along with including appropriate documentation (e.g. medical documentation, etc.).  A letter of support from the faculty member that includes a new deadline date is also required. The Dean or his/her designate will make the appropriate decision at his/her discretion and reply in writing to the student, faculty member, and the University Registrar within 14 working days.  Requests that extend beyond one calendar year from the time the incomplete grade was assigned will not be honored.

These policies apply to “I” grades given in the Fall 2016 semester or later.