Dropping a Class/Official Withdrawal from the University

Dropping Classes: Official/Unofficial Withdrawals

Official Withdrawals
A student who wishes to drop or withdraw from a class or the university must do so in NEIUport by the dates published in the Schedule of Classes.  Northeastern does not administratively drop or withdraw students from their classes for non-payment of tuition and fees or for other reasons.  Consult the online Schedule of Classes for the refund policy and deadline dates.

Students who completely withdraw from Northeastern must return all borrowed books to the Library, pay any fines due, and clear all outstanding accounts or holds.

Unofficial Withdrawals
A student who does not take the appropriate steps to officially drop or withdraw from his/her classes will receive grades of either "NAF"/"RNAF" or "UWF"/"RUWF" at the end of the semester/term.