Permanent Pass/Fail Option

Pass/Fail Grade Option

  1. The Pass/Fail option is available only to students in good standing (cannot be on academic probation) at the undergraduate level.
  2. The Pass/Fail option is not allowed for General Education-Distributive Learning, developmental, Honors, tutored study, independent study, ENGL-101, and College of Business and Technology courses. Pass/Fail is also not an option for a course used to fulfill a major or minor requirement.
  3. Students are eligible to exercise the Pass/Fail option only after accumulating 15 hours in residency (courses taken at Northeastern).
  4. Eligible students will be permitted only one pass/fail course per term. A maximum of 18 pass/fail hours, including transfer courses from other institutions, may be applied toward graduation but may not be counted toward a student’s major area of concentration, minor, or General Education-Distributive Learning.
  5. Declaration of the intention to select the Pass/Fail option must be made no later than the 10th day of the term by submitting a completed Pass/Fail Grade Option form to the Registrar's Office in Enrollment Services. The decision to select the Pass/Fail option may not be changed after that date.
  6. A grade of “P” will be used to indicate that the student has passed the course and a grade of “F” that the student has failed the course. This “F” will be included in the grade point average.
  7. Instructors may offer courses restricted to pass/fail registration with approval from the appropriate college curricular governance committee, and by the Faculty Council on Academic Affairs either at the time of initial course approval or subsequently. Hours of credit carried by such a course(s) will be part of the maximum of 18 hours which have been approved for the general Pass/Fail option.