Repeat Courses

Repeating Undergraduate Courses

Effective Summer 2008, when a student repeats an undergraduate course only the last grade earned will be used to calculate the grade point average. Courses which are repeated will only count once toward fulfilling the minimum 120 hours required for graduation.  Any course that is not designated as “repeatable for credit” may be retaken by the student, typically in order to improve the grade. See “Repeatable Courses” for more information.

Repeating Graduate Courses 

A student can take a specific course a maximum of two times (excluding course withdrawals), unless the course is formally approved as “repeatable".

Repeatable Courses

The University offers a number of courses that use the same course prefix and number but have variable content from semester to semester. In these courses, new material is taught each semester. Students receive credit for learning new content, and the grade and semester hours earned each time count toward the student’s grade point average (GPA), and total credits. These courses are referred to as “repeatable courses” or “courses that are repeatable for credit.” Examples of repeatable courses can include applied music, physical education, independent study, internship, thesis research, and topics vary courses.